I Still Want To Be Little

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We stood at the edge of the Mezzanine. He looked out on the shelves of books and all that information, his 5 year old spatial comprehension working overtime to fathom scale and scope. In a small voice he said, "I still want to be little".

So, like it or not, my 5 year old grandson is beginning to understand information push and he is not comfortable with its expanse. I wonder how many adults feel the same way? Everyday our aesthetic is challenged with a barrage of art direction, web design, and digital interface. Instead of using our aesthetics to appreciate digital culture we become aesthetically exhausted just moving through our daily information push.

In an effort to grasp this push we have sacrificed our aesthetic pull. I like the idea of being little and pulling the world to me. You can only ingest so much push.

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March 20th, 2014 | Archive Link • Referenced in design and information

For 3 days now, I've approached the laptop to write about this redesign. I can't sell some new or revived process, spec, or hype a new language. This is built with tools that are simple and have been around for ~25 years. Humble is good.

This, is 100% hand crafted from the ground up. I like to build my own tools and jigs. To date, This is a javascript free design pattern. Organic is good. I may release it publicly.

This, was built with HTML, CSS, XML and XSL with a smidgen of PHP then, shaped and refactored until the control and view was reduced 40% in size. The model and view operate on just 30kb including CSS. It runs on water.

The ergonomics of how people consume and use information was given priority. The default scope of the design is narrow so the view is focused. This creates a native HTML width to 768px. Media queries are employed below that resolution for mobile devices.

It is also visually friendly. This can embed vids, supports landscape and portrait images. It reaches out to You Tube and Vimeo, importing clip images when a video is posted. It also manages pagination and chronology depth.

Curation is inherent and native. An archive link is provided for each entry and also two reference links. The content/article references are static and persistant. This makes the curation reference uniform and manageable. More as that develops. Good curation and good SEO go hand in hand.

The methods used for This create a rich diverse canvas that can be shaped in many ways. All this from a 'generalist'. I love labels.

Genesis - It's Gonna Get Better (Long Version)

March 3rd, 2014 | Archive Link • Referenced in video and music

Curation is a human declarative. You Tube is one of a few places where music is driven by what humans want. To the bemusement of the record biz. the drive of humanity has curated its own playlist. It's nice when people think for themselves.

This long version was originally released as a the 12 inch B side release to Mama.

Features For The Future

February 28th, 2014 | Archive Link • Referenced in Google and markup

Markup has undergone changes, additions, and deletions in HTML5. Within this same timeframe so have the technologies that surround and support markup. This progress has not always been to the benefit of HTML5.

September, 2013 Google introduced Hummingbird, the new build of their search engine. One interesting characteristic is the velocity in response to changes in meta content elements such as description. They are recognizing semantic description faster and sooner within the web page. As the web gets bigger you have to be concise about who and what you are in a shorter amount of time.

HTML5 introduced new elements and applied new rules to old ones. Although not mandatory these additions reflected how search worked then, it was in depth but slower to respond. These elements were touted as giving depth and perspective to content through the search return. That is, until Google search changed direction. Beware the agent.

As the amount of data crawled grows larger the bots time on your page is shorter. As a result of this increasing velocity, HTML elements and page structure have to be as atomic/pragmatic as possible. The liturgy of any language or markup is no substitute for its ability to communicate to the now.

When 'Getting The Message Out' Means More Than The Message

December 12th, 2013 | Archive Link • Referenced in content

There is not much left to the medium that publishes it. If the message has no integrity its latency comes and goes quickly. Our information push has become disproportionate to our ability to create or identify quality content. One thing is for sure. Scope Creep is alive and well.

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Your Message Is Not Your Own

December 5th, 2013 | Archive Link • Referenced in design and content

At Alger Elementary in the fourth grade social networking was alive and well long before the internet. We passed notes to people in our subset of friends. A back channel in the fourth grade. Imagine that. (perhaps another post for another time)

Without the benefits of 'security' the biggest concern we had was when the teacher caught us sending these paper packets of information. She would abruptly stop teaching and ask the child to share the contents of the note. She made the argument that that it should be shared with the class or not sent at all. She was a futurist, thank you Mrs. Nelson. Her second point was that information in a large group had a bigger function than insular behavior. To say the least it was socially awkward to get outed and made you think about sharing your thoughts to a bigger community. That was in 1969.

In the year 2013 that insular behavior incubates and festers in a place called the world wide web. I observe people as they communicate while never leaving the comfort of their 4th grade classroom. Small business people seek out web designers (publishers) from their immediate social construct to build pages. They trust these people not to share too much as if they are passing a note in a trusted group when exactly the opposite has to happen. Interaction does not happen in small groups. It needs the larger social construct to grow and mature. Prepare to be challenged about your insular control. The web is not a private note from the fourth grade.

Walk Us Uptown - Elvis Costello And The Roots

November 9th, 2013 | Archive Link • Referenced in video and music

Interactive design adapts to change quickly with fluent movement. It transposes information and gives peoples vision continuity in a medium that is ever changing. Elvis Costello And The Roots, go figure.

The Stories We Tell

October 31st, 2013 | Archive Link • Referenced in content and design

Image Credit: Wisdom from Reb Roberts

Client narratives exist in a fragile duality. There can be two distinct story lines in one conversation. The honest and intuitive story about why they are in business, what makes them strong, and their ongoing vision for the future. These things have function and form. There is this other narrative. This one does not listen, 'knows better', and drowns out the dialogue of values and vision with certainty only in itself. These two narratives have differing outcomes and both affect the end product. How do I sell honest and intuitive before the project starts?

The Moth Project takes the naked and the honest stories from peoples lives and turns them into broadcast matter and live aural presentation. To be engaged all you have to do is listen and have a ear for the real.

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